Three Simple Rules To Keep In Mind While Playing Dream11

Struggling to make profits from Dream11?

Well guess what? You are not alone.

For every single match that you play, there are only 1% of all players who sleep with a smile on their face. For all those who belong to the struggling party, the hope is not all lost. It’s not too difficult to win in Dream11.

I just follow these simple rules while playing every series. It works like a charm and helps me save money and make profits. So, hang on to your seats and take a look these rules

Rule No. 1 – Have a budget in mind for every series and add that amount to Dream11.

That’s right. Define a budget for the whole series and and add that particular amount to your Dream11 account. For example, Let’s suppose you want to play the IPL for Rs.4000, so you add Rs.4000 to your account.

Now, do not add more money than the defined budget. If you lose the entire amount added, do not play any match in the series. Depending on the profit or loss you are making, feel free to try different competitions or stick to a particular contest strategy, the choice is yours but be smart enough to not lose the money.

Rule No. 2 – You cannot win everyday. Hence, its important to get back the money spent on competitions

You added a certain amount. Make sure you do not lose it. The nature of Dream11 is such that it is 30% knowledge and 70% luck. Hence, you cannot win everyday. You can spend hours and hours in research and formulate tons of strategies, it all comes down to the luck at the end of day.

But, that doesn’t mean you cannot earn back the same amount of money invested in a match. Infact, with precise contest and team strategy you should be able to get back the money you have invested in each and every match, unless its a very bad day for you.

So, its like playing a test a match. Defend and roll the ball around for singles and wait for the bad ball to strike a boundary.

So, just focus on getting back the money you have invested in each match.

Let’s take an example, suppose you are playing a particular match with Rs.100. Hence, your main focus should be to earn back your Rs.100 and not Rs.1,00,000 that the competition winner will get. This will prevent unwanted frustration and when you win Rs.300, that will result in much more calm and happiness.

Rule No.3 – Play It For Fun and Not To Earn

At the end of the day, its just a game. Don’t try to make a living out of it.

Play it for fun. Winning in Dream11 is no different than winning a lottery. That 0.00001% chance to get on the top spot may never happen for any of us. If a mere investment of Rs,33 would have returned back Rs,5,00,000, why would people slog in daily jobs day in and day out.

And for those who have lost their money while playing Dream11, well just consider it a trade off for the entertainment and fun you had. Adding to this point, in case you are someone who have lost more than Rs,10,000 playing Dream11, well then bro, kuch aur karle aur Dream11 se duur hi reh tu…

Looking forward to hear from you guys… Let me know the set of rules you play by…

Till Then… Happy Winning Public 😉