Words Of A Consultant

My Mission With SoodBuzz

SoodBuzz is platform I use to share my thoughts, experiences and learnings.

The blog contains a variety of content in form of detailed posts, stories and analysis of trends with no general niche as such.

About Me -
I would like to use just two words to describe myself - Passionately Curious

From taking Biology in High School to becoming an Electronics Engineer followed by MBA in Marketing, it has been a beautiful ride with many pages still left unturned. Ex-TCSer Business Analyst sharing the playfield with General Electric(GE) Working Capital Solutions and State Bank of India(SBI) Trade Finance Teams to an Associate Consultant at EY.

Registered Tennis Professional with All India Tennis Association (AITA), a Diploma holder in Hindustani Classical Singing and plethora of professional skill-related certifications with strong hands-on in Excel VBA, PLSQL and Tableau

Oh and yes… I almost forgot ....When in Rome Do As Romans Do 😉

"Focus on the process and let God worry about the results"
- Akshay Sood